For $500: Have a domain name and a year of free hosting of a basic informational website on the mobile friendly WordPress platform. Some features which are common on this type of website are:

Company Name & Logo

Proudly display your company's identity.

Description of Business

Describe your business so that people can understand who you are, this also helps search engines bring new customers to you.

Hours of Operation

Let customers know when you are open.

Phone Number

Get your customers easy access to your number.

Address & Map

A map to easily guide customers to your business.

Blog / News

Inform customers about happenings and specials. A blog is also a great way to advertise new products and drive new traffic to your site.


5 free email addresses are included with hosting - additional email addresses $5 / month each.

Frequently Asked Questions

Save time answering common questions concerning a product or service.

Photo Gallery and Photo Sliders

Show off your products and services! Pictures can heavily motivate potential customers to make a purchase or call for a service.

Examples of a Basic Site:


The basic site offered for $500 is a way for your customers to find you and presents a general description of the services you provide. If your needs for the website require more features, these can be provided at additional cost. Our Full Feature Websites provide a complete description of the product and services offered by your company, as well as more functionality. These websites have customized graphics and features that go above and beyond basic informational purposes. Some examples of Premium Features are:


Hosting is done for as low as $9.95.


Sell a good or have customers make payments directly from the website.

Property Management / Real Estate

Show rental openings and available properties from an online database.

Member-Only Areas

Have a place for employees and customers to log in and receive specific information.

Multiple, Interactive, Order Forms, and Embedded PDF's

Offer your customers and employees many ways to interact with the site. Forms can be used for sales, contact, agreements, and integrated with payments.

Detailed Descriptions of Products or Services

Have multiple pages which describe each of your business' various services offered.

Content Creation & Copywriting

We can produce content for the site to fit your needs. We can: proofread articles, write product descriptions, and take photographs.


Have us help you create or update your brand. We can create logos, letterhead, business cards, calendars, and newsletters

Secure Certificates

If you are running an e-commerce website, your customer’s privacy is important. Secure certificates protect your customer and provide them with a sense of trust that they are doing business with a legitimate organization. SSL Certificates also increase your rank in search engine results. SSL Certificate - $100 / year - Additional $10 / month for hosting.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are many things a website can do to optimize their rankings and show up first in search engines. We can help your target audience find you by optimizing the content and streamlining the site. There are also options for advertising your site directly through the search engine (Search Engine Marketing - SEM).

Social Media Integration & Consulting

We can consult in purchasing ads and how to market yourself through posts to make your business’ social media interaction provide the optimum results.

Additional Consulting & Work

Beyond the cost of setting up the site to fit your needs, additional consulting can be provided at $65 / hour.

Examples of a Full-Featured Site:


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